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Installing your Solid Wood Countertop

Wood tops from DeVos Custom Woodworking are made to your exact specifications.  Installation should be easily accomplished by a construction specialist or a handy homeowner; however, it is very important to follow receipt, handling and storage instructions of the tops before installation.

Please read ALL of the installation instructions before installing your wood top.  Failure to properly install your wood top will void the warranty. 

Receipt and Storage of the Top  

Upon receipt of your top from the freight company, check to ensure that the package or crate is in good condition.  Please note any and all damage to the crate or packing materials directly on the delivery notes.

You MUST uncrate your custom wood top within 48 hours of receiving the crate.  You will need a no. 2 square head screwdriver to open the crate.  Remove the entire countertop from the crate.  If it is not being installed at this time, it should be stored horizontally on "stickers" in a climate-controlled room. 

Stickers are boards (usually 1/2" to 1" thick by about 1-1/2" in width) that are laid horizontally to the top on a supported surface.  The top is placed on top of the stickers to enable air to flow under the top while it is being stored.  Stickers should be placed to support the ends and the middle of the top.

Concealed Damage:

If, upon opening the crate, you discover damage to any part of the custom wood top, you must report the damage to FedEx Freight and to DeVos Custom Woodworking immediately.  Failure to report damage within 48 hours will relinquish your right to make a claim for any damage that may have occurred during shipping.

Preparing the Top for Installation

We do not include screws with the countertop because there are many variations in how long the screw should be in securing the countertop to the cabinetry.  You will need a good-quality wood screw that is long enough to go through the corner block (or other attachment device) and penetrate the wood countertop to at least one half of the thickness of the top.


Dishwashers, Washing Machines, under counter appliances, and Built-In Ovens

A heavy-duty aluminum foil membrane should be attached to the underside of the solid wood top (the shiny side should face the appliance) over any appliance that produces heat or moisture.  Aluminum foil on the underside of the top prevents heat and moisture penetration that could cause cracking.  The foil should be adhered to the top (3M® brand spray adhesive works well) before it is attached to the cabinets and should cover the whole width of the top and overlap to the adjoining cabinets on either side of the appliance.

Sinks and Faucet Pipes

All sink cut-outs should be carefully sealed with the type of finish that is used on your countertop.  A thick coating of silicone can also be used to seal faucet holes.  Any other cutouts or modifications to the wood top must be sealed as well.  Failure to properly seal any cut-out or modification to the wood top will void the warranty.  Sinks and faucets should be tightly secured to prevent water from penetrating the top.

Multi-piece Tops

If your custom top includes a corner where two pieces are joined together, those pieces should be assembled first.  A thin bead of acid-free silicone should be applied to the upper and lower edges of any joints to ensure a good seal.

The bottom surfaces of the two pieces to be joined together will each contain a hole with a groove that extends across the joint.  These holes will accommodate the FlipBolt® countertop connectors that were shipped with your multi-piece top.  These connectors will be tightened and serve to clamp the joint together.  See the photos below for instructions on installing the FlipBolt®  connectors.

A joint will also have Domino® pins, which are flat wooden dowels that you will insert into the holes (already pre-drilled for you) on both surfaces of the joint.  The countertop pieces now fit together much like a leaf fits into a table.  After the countertop has been properly aligned, insert one FlipBolt® connector into each hole.  Then simply hand-tighten the nut and then lower the flip lever to tighten each bolt.  The Domino®  pins and the FlipBolt®  ensure that your countertop stays perfectly aligned.

Installing the Top

The countertop should be attached to the cabinetry by screwing it to the corner braces and blocking provided by the cabinetry.  Another option to secure the wood top is to use "L" brackets. 

In order to allow for the natural movement of the top, the screw holes should be drilled to a size barely larger than the screw.  You should also use the drill to make the hole through the corner braces an oval shape.  Screws should then be used in the center of the holes to secure the top.  Hand tighten.

Do NOT use glue to secure the wood top.  Glue will prevent the wood top from its natural inclination to move and will cause the top to split and crack.  Using glue or any kind of adhesive to install the wood top will void the warranty.

The top should be attached at every available opportunity including, but not limited to corner blocks, ledger strips, metal brackets, or any other attachment throughout the length of the top.  It should be secured on the front edge, in the middle, and at the back edge of the top.

If necessary, DeVos Custom Woodworking will provide further detailed installation instructions for your particular top.  If there is any part of installation or handling of wood tops that you don't understand, please contact us.

Wood Tops with Tung-Oil/Citrus Solvent Finish:

NOTE: A 16 oz. bottle of Tung-Oil/Citrus is shipped with every top with this finish. Please reapply the Tung-Oil/Citrus within 2 weeks of receiving the top, and then reapply another coat about a month after that. This will complete the “break-in” period.  After the break-in period you will not need to reapply this finish for 4-6 months or more. The more often you wipe off your top with a wet rag, followed by a dry rag; and the more often you run your hands over the surface, the smoother and silkier your top will become.


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